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Our Current Projects

Archemedes Tale

Archemedes is our main story telling game, in this game our main character called Nadia travels around a medieval world, exploring Dungeons, cities and discovering lost souls. Through collection of the souls new parts of the main story are told, putting you in the shoes of a multitude of people seeing how they go about in their daily lives. Be immersed by unraveling the dark secrets of this world trying to fight the cult and freeing your character from it.

Credit for the Concept art to Shredefyer, thanks for your work!

The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox is a game still very early in development, featuring a simulation of a solar system, primarily playing on earth, your goal as a player is it to control al the energy produced through every planet in that solar system. This is a strategy game, featuring development of your own culture, problematic strategies trying to figure out how to manage your civilization and not getting it stuck in one of the 3 sizes of civilization. Will your culture shatter? Or will you be able to expand to a big size 3 civilization?

Project Preview

Archimedes Tale Showcase


This is a concept of our character in scale to the map, should our current financing plans succeed we will be able to port our game into a 3D world featuring immerse storytelling and a dark secret hidden inside of it.


This is a concept showcase of our first part of the map, we are trying to get the graphics into a better fidelity to immerse our players into the game world, making them excited for every bit of our story that they uncover.


Concept art of our main character called Nadia.


Concept art of Nadia talking to her old friend Bower.


Concept art of Bower, a shy person trying to survive.

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