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What is Deamonic?

Deamonic was always a company that was focused on the well being of the world. It was entirely focused on the well being of it, and therefore we recently reformed our company into an Organisation, basically making us a company, not aiming for large profits but rather looking for solutions on modern problems with a technological point of view. At Deamonic we try new and interesting ways to look at what technology can do. Work with electrical components, new fabrication technologies and other things. This change happned really recently

No Previews Available

We are sorry but currently we are busy with Zuse. This is a pretty big project and we do not want to dedicate too little time to it. This is why there are currently no Project previews are available, since Zuse is being developed behind pretty closed doors on many parts. We hope for your understanding.

Our Lead

Working on new Technologies with Passion.

Lukas Dürr

Organisation Founder

Jack Price-Burns

Lead Developer (Team Lead)

Aston Marchant

Community Manager (Marketing Lead)

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